Thursday, August 26, 2010

Spirituality and Religion

I hereby invite all the intelectuals among our people to improve upon what I have expressed here.
     Spirituality is goodness within us by which we become good to one another, are not dogmatic, ritualistic or manipulative. Spirituality makes us "good human beings" instead of remaining "ordinary human beings". Someone spiritual can simply be just "spiritual", without belonging to any particular sect. Spirituality is how one feels about her/his soul that may be developed to raise herself/himself with the object to serve humanity. Spiritual people live a life that is simple, peaceful,full of compassion, love and respect for all human beings without any discrimination of caste, creed, community, religion or financial status.
      Religion is a sense of public duty that includes moral and ethical values and precedents to run the society, provided such values/precedents can prove to be beneficial to the society. It is a pre-conceived belief that religious rules are necessary to enter heaven/hell or otherwise, to attain salvation from the cycle of re-incarnation of souls and merge into the supereme power or God. The purpose of religion is to make a man more humane and for that the outwardly religious practices are not as much desired as are the inwardly spiritual potentialities that lead to righteous conduct.

     However, when we read the world history particularly including India, we observe religious people have normally been ritualistic, dogmatic, community/racial minded, proud of their respective religious beliefs, and particularly manipulative to realize their selfish ends through even mass killings and enslavement of millions of human beings on this planet. Under such circumstances, humankind faced terrible consequences in India also, the remains or reminicences of which are visible even today at various places in our country.


  1. So I found you Gottra Ji. You have given great posts here and I am tempted to take them to my blog if you permit. Good work done. I shall be following your creation.

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    You have beautifully defined spirituality and religion.

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