Saturday, July 21, 2012

Psychology of Success.

In a more serious vein, a study conducted by scientists of the Institute for the Study of Labour and the University of Bonn, reveals that parents who revel in taking risks tend to have children who are more willing to indulge in risk-taking behaviour. And the eagerness to trust fellow human beings is also apparently inherited. This may explain why success seems to be a family affair, as every economic decision is a result of judicious risks and trust imposed on worthy individuals.

Therefore, it is a matter to be seriously considered whether by sheer hard work, talent or just the advantage of an environment that inspires achievement, being born and bred in the lap of success seems to be a sure shot manner of being successful in one’s adult years. So, does success, apparently do beget success?

Researchers point out; ‘heritability’ suggests the importance of considering genetic factors to explain why some people are successfully entrepreneurial, while others are not. The research further debunks another myth that opposites always attract. “Women who like taking risks are more likely to have husbands of the same ilk. This shapes the attitude and mindset of the offspring who, in turn, choose a partner similar to themselves. Thus, ‘success’ is inherited across several generations.”

Then, is there any reason to indulge in backbreaking hard work? There is, it seems. “Your genetic composition can give you a good start as you have an environment that exposes you to success. It surely lends you that advantage. Nevertheless, remember that just acquiring the genes cannot give you the actions of your parents.

However, if you are growing up in a family full of achievers, you certainly do not want to be qualified as the family wastrel who just lolls about and enjoys the scent of money. When you live with successful people, you also want to be successful. Yes, your genes give you an edge, an initial advantage. But after that, you have to possess the required talent.

Therefore, while the components of success are genetic, success itself could be an amalgamation of genes as well as learned behaviour. Just breathing in an environment where a ‘good morning’ is accompanied with the latest share bazaar news could be inspiration enough to try walking in daddy’s footsteps. And that could well pave the way to success.

Indian Astrology:

In respect of Indian Astrology:
It is said that there are seven planets that effect human fate. In addition to that there are RAHU and KETU.
It is all non-sense, and quite primitive. There are millions of f planets, as revealed by the modern observatories. Secondly, how Sun can be counted among the planets? How we can believe in the presumed 'Rahu' and 'Ketu' that actually do not exist? How the hell they may effect our fate? Can any body explain the process by which they practically affect the human beings? I wonder about all this primitiveness that grips even the 21st Century educated people.

Friday, July 20, 2012


1.    Every voluntary movement of body is caused, controlled and directed by
     thought, through the operation of mind.

2.    The presence of any thought or idea in our consciousness tends to
     produce an associated feeling which is apt to urge upon us to transform
     that feeling into muscular action that is in perfect harmony with the
     nature of our thought.

3.    If we choose life-work to realize a definite purpose, it becomes the
     dominating thought in our consciousness, and we are constantly on the
     alert for facts, information and knowledge with which to achieve that

4.    Deep Seated Strong Desire determines what our definite purpose in life
     shall be, unless we permit it to be pushed aside by conflicting desires. If
     the object of desire is within reason, it is  practically sure of realization.
        In Short – The stages leading from desire to its fulfillment are –
     FIRST:  The burning desire.
     SECOND:  The crystallization of that desire into a definite purpose.
     THIRD:  The sufficient appropriate action or work to achieve that