Thursday, September 8, 2011

Evolution of Relgion.

Evolution of religion is generally linked with the existence of God. During the primitive stage of evolution, human beings were like the other animals. However, possessed greater intelligence and the power of thought than other beings on this planet. They had no distinction between the noble and ignoble deeds i.e. sinful deeds transgressing against the divine law. Therefore, at that stage, man could be described as a noble-savage. He did not feel the necessity to imagine about God. With the process of time, and sharp evolution of material progress, he came to be bound by some limitations in his conduct for smooth running of his social and economic needs. It led to the origin of noble, and ignoble or sinful deeds for orderly functioning of human society.
Secondly, man was unable to imagine the causes behind the natural phenomenon like earth-quakes, bursting of volcanoes, tsunami, floods, draughts, famines, outbreak of diseases, etc and miseries like hunger, loss of life, and property. Naturally, he felt frightened and used to lose his self-confidence to smoothly run his life. Out of fear, man imagined that on this planet, or out of this universe, there must be some imperceptible and omnipotent 'power' behind this entire phenomenon that was controlling his destiny. He variously termed this 'power' as God, Allah, Bhagwan, etc. before whom he bowed his "head" with folded "hands" to pay his obeisance to expect favour. Some of the natural phenomenon came to be linked to the cosmic bodies or 'divine' ancestors. With prayer to God, or cosmic bodies, or 'divine' ancestors, he started feeling good to restore his self-confidence that was necessary for a positive effect over his mental, and physical life, and consequently over the economic condition.
Simultaneous to this process, the 'smart and 'clever' individuals developed themselves into priesthood and started imprisoning both his "head" (linked with consciousness) and "hands" (linked with conduct & creativity) with the object to get benefit out of his creative activities. The said 'smart' and 'clever' individuals connived with the mighty-individuals or the rulers, and linked religion with morality and ethics to command natural and automatic obedience from the masses, and thus they became capable to serve their vested interests.