Saturday, August 6, 2011

Thiest and Athiest

The world over, both the theistic and anti-theistic arguments are inconclusive. However, for the human beings, it is possible to think, and experience in both religious, as well as naturalistic/scientific ways to be a part of the universe on this planet. We are facing an issue of the fact, which at present, is veiled in ambiguity, so that both belief and dis-belief carry with them the risk of profound error. However, while keeping in view the individual freedom, those who have the inclination/desire to believe must be rationally allowed by human society the 'right to believe' in theistic, anti-theistic, or agnostic faiths of their respective choices, provided nobody's faith interfers/disrupts the overall promotion of the welfare of humankind; particularly because religion/faith is for humanity and not humanity for religion.
To promote understanding/cooperation among all human-beings, there should be continuous inter-faith dialogue. However, historically and even now currently, both the religious leaders and the ruling classes have seldom cooperated on the subject due to their selfish interests aimed at exploiting the credulity of masses. In India, they even went to the extent of sanctification of slavery for their brutal exploitation of the toiling masses. Would you consider the exploiters as theists? If you consider them as theists, the toiling masses, with the spread of higher education and modernity are likely to feel the inclination towards becoming athiests or agnostics.