Wednesday, March 7, 2012


At times, you may find yourself to be incapable of taking decisions. Under such a situation, whether you are successful or a failure, don’t blame it on others. Because, only you are responsible in shaping your personality to achieve your desired objective. You can be capable to become an intelligent decision maker by paying attention to the following points.

1. Do think about the pros and cons of the decision to be taken by you.

2. To make it easy to arrive at the right decision, consider all possible approaches, as every problem has got three or four alternative solutions.

3. Keep an open mind while thinking about the alternative approaches.

4. Collect all possible information on the matter to be decided. Correct decisions may be arrived at on the basis of 50 to 75% information.

5. While keeping in view the real situation consult your conscience before taking a decision.

6. Think of the worst possible results of your decision and about the possible actionable ways to get positive outcome.

7. If you are unable to take decision, you can get Counselling from your sincere friend or a wise person.

8. Be ware of procrastination and take timely decision on the basis of your knowledge, and wisdom in the matter.

9. Decisions are made on basis of courage and belief. So, never allow any weakness to discourage you.

10. Strengthen your personality by eliminating your weaknesses and keep your knowledge updated.

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