Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Psychology of Success

Whatever one looks outwardly, his real self is revealed by his attitude. A positive attitude helps in development of action for success. The following steps can be helpful to develop positive attitude—

1. Develop the habit of looking for the positive and optimistic things.

2. Make a habit of doing it now. Live in the present and do away with
procrastination. Develop the habit of accomplishing every task without

3. Develop an attitude of gratitude for what you have instead of what you
don't. Be always thankful to those from whom you ever get help.

4. Continuously develop the habit of learning new things. Get into
continuous education programme for self-improvement and
competence in your chosen field for realizing your objectives.

5. Develop good self-esteem by selflessly doing something for those
whom you can't give money or prosperity and don't expect anything
in return.

6. Look for good points in everything and each individual. But also keep
away from negative influences of petty thinking people, intoxicants,
negative programmes of the media, etc.

7. Develop self-discipline and abstain from undesirable actions. That is
what will make you more focused. Don’t use inauspicious, negative
and abusive words. Use good and meaningful language.

8. Start doing what is necessary and possible. Learn to like things that
need to be done.

9. There should not be any gap between what you say and do. Be
punctual in whatever you do.

10. Be prepared to listen to criticism. If you disagree, do it courteously.

11. Don’t be a miser in appreciating ,congratulating and encouraging

12. Get rid of your debts and obligations as soon as possible.

13. Determine your definite objectives clearly. Always keep your eyes on
achieving your aim. Remember! Life is action not contemplation. As
Robert Frost said: 'Miles to go before I sleep'. Ultimately, success is
what you want it to be, and that choice resides solely in your mind and

14. Start each day with a positive note aimed at improvement in your
thinking, actions and behaviour. There are many temptations in the
world, but one has to head for his goal without distractions. Only your
persistent efforts can achieve what you want.

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